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Nikon D800 kit

sinds 09 Mar 2020 10:03 90 x bekeken
Prijs: € 1,200.00

Omschrijving van deze advertentie

Nikon D800 kit with 3 lenses. The system has overall signs of normal use, nothing special, just few marks here and there, but everything works perfectly. I can give away single pieces or make a deal when combining stuff. The deal for the all package is 1.200 €
See description for each items for details and for single piece price.

> D800 with just a couple of signs at the bottom, overall great shape with less than 37.000 clicks. It's always been the second/back up body.
It comes with cap, charger and 2 original batteries. 700,00 €

> 105mm 2.8 Micro VR with some signs of normal use, it works great and it stands up to its reputation, plenty sharp, contrasty and fast macro lens. 450,00 €

> 35-70 2.8 AF-D old but great, it's built like a tank and it works great. It has great character and it's plenty sharp. 200,00 €

> 200mm f4 ai-s wonderful little lens, super sharp, tiny and light, it's a great tool! 100,00 €




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