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Canon 1 V Hs Analoge camera

sinds 09 Jan 2020 13:01 286 x bekeken
Prijs: € 500.00

Omschrijving van deze advertentie

Weinig gebruikte Canon 1 V Hs. Het laatste analoge topmodel van Canon. Inclisief originele handleiding.

Canon 1V Overview

Canon's final no-compromise 35mm flagship SLR, the magnesium alloy Canon EOS-1V is a benchmark in professional 35mm SLR camera history. It has a lightning-fast autofocus system with 45 AF points that can be customized to the needs of the user. Seven super-sensitive cross sensors detect vertical as well as horizontal lines of subjects, and the central sensor works even with working apertures as low as f/8, so that you'll retain autofocus function using f/4 lenses with 2X teleconverters. The EOS-1V is made in Japan to the highest possible manufacturing standards, and its shutter is specified to withstand 150,000 cycles (>4000 36-exposure rolls of film).

The EOS-1V's sealing is the best in Canon's 35mm SLR history; together with "L" telephoto lenses, one can shoot in the worst of conditions. The 100% accurate glass pentaprism viewfinder is as bright and contrasty as any autofocus camera, and custom functions allow personalizaton of autofocus, metering, operating systems, etc. You can also link the EOS-1V to a PC for transfer of data and remote control operation.
Canon's final 35mm format flagship SLR camera
Magnesium-alloy body & chassis
Extensive rubber sealing; 72 gaskets throughout
Shutter specified to withstand 150,000 cycles
45-Point autofocus system
Incredibly fast drive with optional PB-E2 booster; 9 frames per second in predictive AF, and 10 fps in One Shot AF
Brilliant quality, 100% coverage viewfinder with glass pentaprism
Shares the proven control layout shared in the EOS-1
PC Link software for data transfer & remote control
20 built-in Custom Functions plus 31 additional Personal Functions (a total of 63 individual settings) with optional accessory PC Link enable photographers to customize the EOS-1v for specific applications.

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