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Novoflex nikon to fuji gfx

sinds 08 Nov 2019 09:11 151 x bekeken
Prijs: € 145.00

Omschrijving van deze advertentie

Novoflex adapter to fit almost all nikon lenses on Fuji GFX cameras. It's like new. It works with all the F lenses and the G, as long as they don't have the new f stop, like the 19mm ts. I used it with the Sigma art lenses, with the nikon 105 af-s micro, the 58mm 1.4g, the 35mm 1.4g and various af-d and ai lenses, It works perfectly, basically the focussing is always manual mode and the f-stop it's also manual via the blue ring. It's a fully mechanical adapter, there is no electronic adapter for nikon lenses, and this is the best in the market, beautifully made, smooth and very precise. The focus at infinity is absolutely perfect. I'm selling it because I have downsized the Nikon gear to a point that it doesn't make any sense to have it anymore. I'm a Fuji GFX fun boy now.




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