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Elinchrom ELB400

Prijs: € 2,200.00


Selling a very nice Elinchrom ELB 400 kit. It's in very good shape, almost no signs of use. Bought it in Calumet Amsterdam 1 year and a half ago. It's all in perfect conditions, just one of the 2 batteries is a bit used, it's about 90%, the second battery is brand new, bought it in July, the status is 100%. This is a very interesting system because it's possible to charge it while in use, thereofre you can shoot indoor with the pack connected to the plug and don't worry of the charge of the battery. It's a fully ready kit to shoot, the price of the kit is very good, but in case I can also sell pieces, at a higher price though. The price is BTW included. The only accepted payment is via Marktplaats securepay or upon pick up.
Here is what's part of the deal:

> 2x ELB 400 packs;
> 2x Lithium batteries;
> 2x chargers;
> 2x Action heads;
> 1x Eco ringflash;
> 1x radio trigger;
> 1x sync cable;
> 2x adapter rings to mount big Elinchrom accessories
> 1x Elinchrom bag that fits everything listed before.


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